Joe Moran, son of Frederic & Clo Ohr Moran, Grandson of Geo. E. Ohr, (Biloxi's world renown potter and father of American Pottery) was born on Dec. 6, 1915.

Growing up in Biloxi Mississippi,  Joe’s love of boats, the gulf waters, and sea life ensued at an early age  having been born into a fourth generation of boat builders and fisherman. Working in his father’s shipyard gave Joe a knowledge of the geometric shapes linear patterns and designs of many of the boats which would later be incorporated into his paintings (see gallery page)

       Joe’s photograph of Marvar’s Seafood Factory

Though Joe passed away in March of 1999, his sketches and paintings live-on. Today his paintings are throughout the United States.

Many of the prints from the original studio were in the process of being digitized, saving them from Hurricane Katrina. The Moran family is task to rebuild the new gallery (currently in Ocean Springs, MS) to the same inventory level as pre hurricane.

Today’s value of an original painting by Joe Moran has grown tremendously especially after many owners lost works due to the devastating affects from hurricane Katrina.  Several auction sites such as ARTNET.COM and ASKART.COM  have records of previous auctions.  A popular place for buying and selling Ohr pottery and Joe Moran paintings is located in D’Iberville MS, Vieux Marche Antiques.  Although auction prices do not necessarily reflect each piece value, appraisals should remain constant.  Originals are sought often by customers and at Moran’s we have several on consignment.



Joe Moran Biography

Joe Moran is the Grandson of the “Father of American Art Pottery”

George Ohr


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During World War II, Joe worked at Higgins, Inc. in New Orleans, LA where there it was his design of the bow that was used in helping with the development of the now famous PT boats. After the war Joe moved again to the Miss. Gulf Coast to his family home in Biloxi, where he opened his boat building business, "Moran's Boat Works".
The growing boat making business halted after the dangerous hurricane of 1947 completely destroyed it .While rebuilding he used his skills to design and build boats for racing. Mostly because of Joe the sport of racing boats grew in Biloxi with many competitors from around the country visiting to race on the calm waters of Biloxi’s back bay. Some of Joe’s vessels held racing records for many years.

The stresses of rebuilding, multiple devastating storms,
and a severe heart attack led Joe to begin his career as an artist.  Many were stunned to see such a natural talent for art beginning with his passion for the beauty of the coast. Joe’s career in art soared, as he became even known for preserving memories of the Miss. Gulf Coast through his paintings.

Although Joe Moran is well admired for his stunning oils it was recently discovered he was a talented photographer. His collection of slides could be the most comprehensive record of the coast's shrimp fleet during his era. Just pr
ior hurricane Katrina a portion of his slide collection was removed from studio for recording.  Removing the slides helped keep a record of many named shrimp boats.Many along the coast have expressed their joy

for having photographs of shrimp fleets they remember growing up seeing the industry.

A catalog if photographs is available the studio and soon the images will be online. Please bookmark us. 



( “Devil Boats”, later named “Boat Works”)