Artist Tommy Moran

Tommy is also a renowned painter in his own right. His love of the gulf coast is easily put on canvas for the world to enjoy. His paintings have a very lively appearance as well as looking three-dimensional.

With the use of intense colors, every painting becomes a visual phenomenon from soft impressionistic movements to bold realistic natural forms. Tommy has ultimately devoted himself to painting nautical actions, seascapes, fields, wildlife and other outdoor scenes, giving all his subjects the optical effect of natural light on color and form. Tommy performs live demonstrations for interested groups.

He travels extensively along the East coast, St. Thomas, Bahamas and Gulf of Mexico coastline; his works depict the beautiful scenes of the areas he has visited.

He specializes in commissioned paintings of homes, yachts and other renderings. He continues painting the nature and wildlife he sees on the gulf as well as a nautical theme.
His paintings are exhibited in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado and New York. He has won the praises of art collectors and critics. His paintings hang in homes, businesses, hotels and private collections throughout the U.S.

The legacy of Joe Moran continues through Tommy’s oil paintings.


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